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At Clinton Chiropractic Clinic, our Clinton chiropractor staff believes everybody deserves to experience what it's like to be guided rather than goaded back to health. That's why we use comprehensive and drug-free techniques that work with your inborn self-healing capabilities, bringing out the best possible expression of well-being.

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When a person's moving body is forced to suddenly stop and change direction (e.g., car accident), their head will keep moving until stopped by the whip-like recoil of the neck. Ouch! This can damage cervical tissues and cause a variety debilitating symptoms.


Sciatica is compression of the sciatic nerve in the lower spine. This causes severe leg pain, numbness, and weakness. Other nerve injuries we treat include cubital fossa syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and brachial plexus injury (damage to the "nerve highway" in your shoulder).

Degenerative Disc Disease, Disc Herniation & Disc Bulge

Intervertebral discs are an important part of your spinal anatomy, but they can cause symptoms if they begin to wear down over time, rupture and leak into the surrounding joint space, or protrude abnormally out of place.


This common "wear and tear" condition which causes breakdown of intra-articular cartilage, leading to painful, stiff, and swollen joints.

Spinal Stenosis

This common cause of back and limb pain is caused by progressive narrowing of the spinal canal. 

Sports Injury, Work Injury & Personal Injury

An acute accident can happen on the sports field, in the workplace, or even out and about in the community. This may cause issues like muscle strains, ligament sprains, and shin splints. Additionally, undetected or uncorrected issues with posture, ergonomics, and body mechanics can cause chronic problems like tendonitis, tech neck, headaches, and plantar fasciitis.

Common Ways our Chiropractor in Clinton WI Manages & Prevents Various Health Conditions

When you come to our chiropractor in Clinton WI for help with your condition, you'll be treated individually and intuitively. Our services include:

  • Class IV cold laser therapy: non-thermal light directed at target tissue facilitates increased cellular repair and synthesis for faster healing and decreased pain.
  • Spine Force: you use your core for everything. This innovative core stabilization technology challenges superficial and deep spinal muscles in three planes of motion to generate improved motor control, balance, and postural alignment.

Explore Drug-Free Treatment with our Clinton Chiropractor Team

New patients get a FREE initial consultation, so if you're dealing with an acute or chronic health condition, contact us at (608) 676-2210 to schedule an appointment with Clinton chiropractor Dr. Brian Dittman.


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